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FHCT-S konu konu ilu ti a ge si ẹrọ iyipo konu (rọ)

High Speed Tight winding machine, it’s mainly for the yarn After Dyeing rewinding or yarn rewinding using cone to cone directly, suit for winding like Fiber yarns, Cotton yarns, FDY, Polyester yarns and etc, and it can take up with Conical Cone or Tube bobbins. It has the feature of High Efficiency and well take-up finished shape, can alleviate the intensity of labour for next processing work.


Soft Dyeing Cone To Cone Yarn Ẹrọ Afẹfẹ

The machine is suitable for cotton yarn,fiber,wool,poy,etc.It is used to take up yarn cones for the process of cone yarn dyeing in high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machine.
High Speed Soft Dyeing Cone To Cone Winding Machine—— It is suitable for cotton yarn, wool yarn, owu polyester,etc. Its function is to wind perfect yarn cone for the preparation of yarn cone dyeing .High take-up speed: 300-800meter/min. Also, with individual control panel and meter counter.We are always researching and improving our machine and now have national patents on yarn  winding machine(the patent label sticked on our machine).

Each spindle has systems of Anti-Hard-Edge and Electronic Anti-overlapping.

ọja orukọSoft Dyeing Cone To Cone Yarn Winding Machine
Nọmba ti spindlesMax.9group for 1set, total 108 spindles. (Normal 7 group 84 spindles)(Optional)
Groove drum0/D 82mm, spindle distance 2.5, symmetry0"
ÌfilélẹDouble sides
Ibi ti ina elekitiriki ti nwa3phase5 wires,380V 50HZ (Optional)
Agbara Spindle90w/spindle+5W(wax)+cleaning
Yikaka iyara600-700m/min(Speed adjustable)
Parameter designIndividual or touch screen interface control (Fixed - length, slow - start, adjustable speed, broken yarn auto stop)
mefaL 2230 x W 1100 x H 1600 mm ( 12 spindles)
àdánù350kg / ẹgbẹ


Q1: Kini awọn ọja akọkọ rẹ?
A: Yarn winding machines

Q2: What's your payment term?
A: A.T/T  B. L/C

Q3: What about the after-sales service of your company?
A: A. 15 years professional textile machinery manufacture experience,excellent service team.
B. Global service network realize prompt on-site service.
C. Considerate installation and adjustment service,train your operator skillfully and professionally.
D. Regular return visit,technical support and sincere service.