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FHTDTK-A nikan spindle nikan Iṣakoso CNC hank to konu yikaka ẹrọ

Hank to cone winder machine Yarn cone winding machine is used to wind good yarn cone shape for knitting,warping, weaving, dyeing,bleaching,etc. It is suitable for cotton yarn,wool yarn,polyester yarn,etc.CNC Single Spindle Single Control Hank To Cone Cotton Nylon Winding Machine


CNC Single Spindle Single Control Hank To Cone Cotton Nylon Ẹrọ Afẹfẹ

The model is especially suitable for chemical fiber, yarn, rope skein such as state complex cylinder pipe, state. As the machines with computer control system; individual spindle control; oil automatically come on; edge device; anti- -stack; auto-stop of break yarn; Fixed-length control; Super feed wire; Slow -starting with adjustable; Yarn speed is adjustable; Yarn tension-controlled device and other advanced technologies, to ensure the high quality of the machine:
Its characteristics: Across the line speed; A one -off form; even tension; forming beautiful.

Orukọ ọjaHank To Cone Winder Machine
Number of spindles24(4 spindles or 6 spindles /group)
Spindle won360mm
ÌfilélẹẸgbẹ ẹyọkan
Ibi ti ina elekitiriki ti nwa380V/220V 50HZ/60HZ 3phase/1phase
spindle power120w
Max.yarn diameter≤220mm
Friction roller specificationflat bobbin Φ 80mm×220mmor cone Φ 80mm×220mm taper 3.5°
Auto Stop DeviceMotion sensor
Electronic Anti-StackInverter control
Auto-waxing deviceiyan
Cleaner deviceiyan
Electronic Yarn Cleareriyan
Air Spliceriyan
Blower cleaneriyan
Lighting SystemAṣayan
mefaL 1454 x W 690 x H 1700 mm ( 6 spindles)
àdánù200kg / ẹgbẹ